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5 Ways Drones are Being Used

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also referred to as drones are particular types of aircrafts that are either regulated by pilots positioned on the ground or autonomously or increasingly following a certain pre-programmed mission. Though there are many different kinds of drones, these basically fall into two main categories; drones use for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes and drones armed with bombs and missiles.The [...]

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Drones Everywhere

There is no denying that drones are everywhere, from the latest gadget magazine, newspapers and of course our skies! From high-spec military drones designed for bombing targets from the air to amateur camera drones which are perfect for pestering neighbours, or for simply getting a better view of a local area. They are absolutely everywhere! Drones, [...]

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​Where to Find Large Quadcopters for Sale

Currently, Quadcopters use has grown beyond the aerial photography and filmmaking. Drones that are currently in the market can suit your specific needs because they are available in different sizes that you can use for various purposes. These drones have full operational capacities and full autonomy. You can customize and program them to serve you accordingly. When you are searching for [...]

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Big Video Drones for Sale

Today’s latest trend is video drones and more specifically on the larger scale. Big video drones are no longer a thing of the past as more and more people are finding different ways to use them in everyday life to capture different footage with them. Who can blame them either? With an increase on big video drones for sale, [...]

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Flight of the Aviator (HT 8927)

Flight of the Aviator The HT (Huaxiang Toys) 8927 quadcopter with HD camera is an impressive and affordable camera drone. It is easy to fly and surprisingly very rugged. I have done the unboxing and beginning videos for this blog, now on to the fun stuff. I get to fly it. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am [...]

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Five Tips for Beginners on WL Toys V272

The WL Toys micro quadcopter is perfect for beginners and difficult enough to keep it fun for more experienced pilots. I will illustrate more of my experiences within other posts but this one in particular is to help those considering a purchase of the micro quadcopter from WL Toys. Which, by the way, is an awesome little quadcopter. 1.Get extra [...]

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​A Journey of 1000 Drones Starts With…..

If you have taken the time to view the videos posted on this blog, it won’t take too much time to realize that I am a beginner to the RC Hobby genre. My interest was piqued by the video footage I was seeing from folks using quadcopters like the DJI Inspire, DJI Phantom or the ultra-cool 3D Robotics Iris [...]

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Unboxing the WL Toys V272 Micro quad

The V272 is touted as the world’s smallest remote control quadcopter or rc drone. Whether that is truly the case remains to be seen (I certainly didn’t spend the time to research it) but if you find one smaller, leave a comment and I’ll amend the statement. If you aren’t aware, I am chronicling my quest to develop the necessary skills [...]

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WL Toys V913 Got the Shakes?

Replacing the blade shaft on a WL Toys V913.  This video depicts replacing the upper shaft of the WL Toys V913 due to a shake occurring when the rotor and blades sped up. This was caused by a bent shaft that is easily removed and replaced with few tools and some instruction. When watching the video you can see the [...]

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RC Helicopters Common Problems and Quick Fixes

RC Helicopters: Common Problems and Quick Fixes Remote control toys offer both kids and adults unlimited fun and excitement. RC toys, including remote control helicopters, do encounter problems once in a while. They can suddenly stop working for unknown reasons or sustain damage from a crash. While the easiest solution may be to toss it in the [...]

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