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Flight of the Aviator (HT 8927)

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Flight of the Aviator

The HT (Huaxiang Toys) 8927 quadcopter with HD camera is an impressive and affordable camera drone. It is easy to fly and surprisingly very rugged. I have done the unboxing and beginning videos for this blog, now on to the fun stuff. I get to fly it. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am far from an expert in the realm of RC Helicopters and quadcopters; but I am learning very quickly thanks to the folks at UJ Toys. I have the orange one, but this specific model also comes in  green and red.

The HT 8927 Aviator is a very well equipped quad with all of the necessary trimmings, including three levels of functionality on the remote control. There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced (pro) setting on the remote that will increase the power to the motors and make the quadcopter either easier or more challenging to fly. This guy is RTF meaning you are ready to fly right out of the box whatever level you are.

This video in particular was shot in Billings, Montana at a local park ( Pioneer Park). It is important to get enough space where you can fly and even though the motors are fairly strong; don’t fly in winds that exceed 10mph. I crash landed in a tree because the wind pushed the quadcopter and the machine wasn’t strong enough to correct. I’ll include my crash video soon!

As you can see from the video captured on the Aviator, I was able to get this to fly over 300ft into the air for some really stunning aerial video footage. Keep in mind that this quadcopter doesn’t have a gimbal so the video shoots straight ahead and moves whenever you adjust the pitch of the quadcopter. Once you get to the right altitude and hover, the images are really good. Ok, it isn’t a  DJI Phantm 2, but it also isn’t $1,500!

You may also notice some areas where the quadcopter seems to be in freefall. It seems that the best way to decrease the altitude of the drone is to throttle all the way down and let it fall. Once you get the altitude you’re looking for, simply power back up and the six axis gyro will automatically level the quad and wait for further instructions. Initially this was a little strange to get used to but the more I used this method, the more I liked it. You can slowly throttle down to decrease altitude; but at higher altitudes it was really hard to tell how fast you are dropping. Or if you are dropping at all. Anyway, the 6 axis gyro worked great as you can see.

All told, this is an incredible machine for only $55. It takes great video and even has an audio component. Not really sure what the audio is for because all you hear is the blades cutting the air; but it was nice to use for the intro piece to the video. I highly recommend this quadcopter for anyone looking for a beginner drone and not wanting to spend too much (crashing is much more affordable this way!). Or for a more experience pilot looking to get some video in areas where risking the $1500 DJI just doesn’t make sense.

I recommend getting a second or third battery for this. If you charge three batteries fully you will get a full hour of flight time. Much better than having to stop every 20min to charge a battery. I also recommend removing the cover. It seemed to fly better in slight wind without the cover. Perhaps the cover acted like a sail, but it was a much more responsive machine with the cover off.

I hope you like this machine as much as I do and get one for your collection. You won’t regret it.

As always – Fly Safe 

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