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Incredible Video Drone Footage in Alaska

Posted by Glen Disque on

One of the best things about the new flock of RC quadcopters is the video you are able to capture. Recently, Syma released their new X8 with an 8 mega pixel camera that takes stunningly clear video and it’s affordable. The Walkera X350 series quadcopter is capable of attaching high end video equipment and I would consider the “poor man’s” DJI phantom. Of course there is always the DJI Inspire series, the 3d Robotics Iris series and the Parrot series quadcopters. They are much better in terms of quality but also much more expensive. As much as I love to follow the drone progression and am intrigued with all of the new technology, there are few things in the world as awesome as fishing. So when I found this video taken using a multirotor over the largest salmon runs in the world, I just had to share it. Do yourself a favor and watch it in HD. Lake Iliamna is one of the most pristine bodies of water in the world and it is in danger from mining operations. Learn more about that here.

Think of the advantages drones provide for the outdoor enthusiast. Being able to take this type of aerial video anywhere you can pack the drone in while hiking is incredible. Much kudos for the folks who made this fine piece of art, Jason Ching. And for those of you out there that have the same passion for the outdoors as I do, take some videos and share!

As always, Fly Safe!

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