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WFLY WFT07S 7 Channel 2.4Ghz Radio Control Transmitter

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Description: Large dot marrix LCD.Resolution of 132×64. 10class contrast adjustment. Chinese display,convenient way of designing to use and set up the meny more easier. Adapt Native 2.4Ghz technology.Direct high speed drive to avoid the middle of the process,greatly improve the agility hadnling. DSSS spread spectrum technology based on the spread spectrum frequency hopping”communication system,high interference immunity,solid as a rock.60 sets of our 2.4Ghz system oroduct can work independently of each other . Low-voltage design,lower battery consumption,a variety of battery available: such as 4s alkaline batteries,4s NIMH(Nickel Metal Hydride ),1s lithium-ion battery,Voltage 3.7V-6V. Anew generation of joustick,elastic,adjustable head height,feel superior. A veriety of swash set ,the perfect support for CCPM mixing. Digital electronic tuning,graphical and numerical display,e-tone scale ,250 step adjustable ...... Complete timer functions,including the timer starts,and ad variety of throttle control, timing,alarm methods,to ensure flyght foolproof. Multi-model data storage,be prepared for debugging control. Up to 4 flight modes,easy stunt. 4 kinds of right-hand control to set programs,custom. 11 Group curve design,each curve 9 point edit. Graphical 7 channel monitor ,always pay attention to every detail. Dozens of helicopters,airplane control for the flight easier. Specification: Model:WFT07 Applications:helicopters,airplane,vehicles,boat Band:2.4Ghz DSSS(spread Spectrum)+Frequency Hopping Output Power:<100mW Current drain:<190mA Power:3.7V-6V What's Included: 1x Radio Control Transmitter 1x 2.4Ghz Receiver 1x Cable 1x Small Bag 1x CD
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